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Loads of photos from some meetings (CZ) here


Program of the meeting and newes maps

Newest version of trip route descriptions and intended time schedule for the meeting is here. Scroll down for english version.
Maps are ready, since yesterday there is only the scale added:

Printed route destcriptions and maps will be at averyone's disposal directly at the meeting. Maps only black and white, who wants color can print those from this web, they are identical.


Czech Recumbent Meeting 2007

We finaly managed to negotiate accomodations and other things for this years meeting so we could make a rough prougram too. Details in .htm and in .pdf.



BrnoBENT tandem has reached rideable state yesterday afternoon and has been tested shortly. Who wants to see it in action come to Cycle Vision this weekend. We are going to the one hour race on Saturday with it.
Few pictures:


Old new bike

My dad decided to convert his prototype Max into Mini immediately after seeing one such conversion of normal Max at Chrustenice on the recumbent meeting. First we did only work enough to test if it's rideable. Now the whole transmision has been changed and new rear brake adapter made and the bike is ready for further testing. This is how it looks now:

The frame is of the prototype of Azub Max. That bike didn't handle as well as the later Maxes, the geometry was different. The good news is, that after changing the fork and the wheels for 20" (so the bike is 3" lower at the rear axle and 6" lower at the front axle) the geometry is better. It doesn't only handle better than the orriginal dual 26", it also handles better then the Minis made of ordinary Maxes.
Some data:
Overall length: 186cm
Wheelbase: 113cm
Seat height: 53cm
BB height: 64cm
Chainrings: 38/60
Sprocket: 11-32
The lights remained the same: 1W Luxeon in front, 3xParalight LEDs flashing rear, 6V Pb accu as a source.
If the bike fulfils the expactetions, it'll be disassambled and the frame will get new paint.


Race results

A small but important update today. I processed the data from yesterday 100m flying start sprint in Chrustenice. Those who left early can now finaly see their results here in .xls or here in .pdf.
If anyone finds a mistake in their name, bike they rode or category, or if those data are incomplete, please don't hesitate and let me know on hebi(at)email(dot)cz.

There were more recumbents than ever on this year K24 24 hour amateur marathon. There were Azub 5 and Azub Max provided by manufacturer for a family of future customers to try them. My father raced on his Azub Max prototype and Nink and I raced on our lowracers with foamshel tailfairings. Nink had a sophisticated tailbox that really works, my bike had a "better than nothing" type tailbox. I also didn't manage to ride my bike more than 140 km before the race, only 30 km with tailbox and just 10 after painting the frame and with front deraileur, it was practically untested. This had some negative effects on me, I wasn't used to differend seating position and so on. I also wasn't used to the handling of a lowracer so I didn't ride it as precisely between potholes as I'm used to on my Azub. I even let it go so widely into one left curve that it ended with falling down on the gravel on the edge of the road.
But it was generally a very good race. We found out that we are good match with Nink at speeds we prefer and we can alternate in the leading effectively. We rode together all the time, at the night the first rider had his 1W Luxeon on and the rear one a powerfull flashlight. We had identical lightning I made for our bikes (I can't resist to show off :-)). We managed to do 14 laps, that means 397,6 km. My dad has done amazing 227,2km.
There were some reserves and potential for higher performance even with our current equipment but to go twice on the same bikes, that wouldn't be us. Crazy plans for stramliners or even streamlined backtoback tandem were fantasized before the end of the race already. We shall see next year.
Here are some photos one friend took during our preparations and the start.

They are also the first photos of my new lowracer painted with the red/black colours.

No time for propper updates. I had to upload video from todays trip because I wanted to give it to Eva, so I place a link here to.


Winter fools were on reservoir again. This time its covered with snow, so Pavel came on his Azub Max, I stayed with the trike. We were making silly things there more than one hour. We learned hou to do 360 on the trike and how to go skidding fluently through a corner. I fell of Pavel's Max once, he tipped over the trike once (completely up side down, it stayed on him like a bag on his back). We had a lot of fun. Those photos surely cannot express it all:

The regular common trip we settled on on Thursday was not successful. I went on trike with homebuilt studded rear tyre and after two kilometres got a puncture. It was caused by combination of low pressure, edge of a pavement and those wood screws. I canceled the trip, Dan and Pavel went to the reservoir individually. Pavel and I arranged next attempt for today. I've improved the isolation of the tube and screws with more tape, I took two spares to be sure and a big pump and after 11km I got to the reservoir. I saw Pavel going down from shore from distance, so I headed strait to him. The surface was mostly clean ice, with few small isles of snow, where it took little more handling in 35kmh (wind from back), but otherwise it was quite pleasant ride. Without any studs or screws in front wheels it took at least 100m to stop from this speed. Handbrake on the rear wheel was able to help a lot. We have met somewhere in the middle of the lake without colision, then we played around for a while there and in the snow on the shore, we left few strange tyreprints and some holes made by spining the rear wheel when standing still and than we went home again.
32km in snow and ice is quite a lot, I think it was like 100km on the summer road. But it was great fun and at leas the "hard core" of Brnobent initiated the tradition of regular common trips from the begining of the year.
We took few photos and later we exchanget them via Internet.

I'd like to thank Pavel for sharing the photos.

I decided to finish cycling season 2005 stylishly: trip in the snow with return after sunset. The bike coated with snow looked so good that my father went out when I was returning and he took some photos:

I didn't notice anything wrong before adapting the pictures for web. Only then I found that frond budguard was missing. And, quite surprisingly, not only on the picture but on the bike too. It's gone completely, even the plug via which it's mounted into the fork. It must have fallen out during the constant rattle on the trampled snow. I just can't understand I haven't noticed it.
Tomorrow there is traditional ride from Náměstí Svobody (Liberty square) in the center to the artificial lake about 15km from there. I was there last time, but I'm not quite interested now. It's just crowd of roadies using big roads only, and those are heavily salted during winter. So I'll open new cycling season 2006 privately going on the same cycling path where I most probably lost my mudguard in the dark today. Chance for finding it is extremely small but as a pretext for another winter trip it's enough.

Once again, afer a long pause, we went to a trip together. Five of us were there: Jirka (Azub 4), Petr (Azub Max), Eva (plywood bike), Honza (aluminium bike) a Jakub (steel bike). We were able to take some photos of the bikes built by Honza in the sun:

The orange steel bike is currently riden by Kuba, Honza's brother. Honza is now riding unstoppable aluminium superlow machine with simple but efective tailbox made of zotefoam.
The sun was gone shortly after the start and the mist came instead. It remained this way whole day. We made collective photo on a bridge across Svratka behind Tesco hypermarket. Camera was on the ground with delayed action to get all riders to the picture:

The original plan was to go to Hustopeče, but it was shortened because of the weather, tiredness and laziness of the riders:-). After a lunch in Židlochovice we changed course back to Brno. Five recumbents parked in front of the restaurant when the temperature is about 6°C made the waiter to go out to find out how these people ride those strange machines.

The trip was quite pleasant and we don't regret we went there in that weather. It was about 55km for me and my father, a bit more for the others.

I've just decided to start winter season. After some searching in the shops I found a BMX tire that doesn't have such big and noisy knobs like the one I was using last winter. It's for higher pressure too. It was cheap but has prideful name CTS BMX Race Tire. On the rear wheel I'm using very good tire Schwalbe Hurricane. Here are photos how it looks ready for mud and snow:

New photos from Nivnice meeting on, icluding gigantc panorama of the square in Uherský Brod full of bents. Direct link:, pictures on the end of the page.

New website is launched, I'll try to describe some of my homebuild projects there. Just for the case someone would like to try them to:-). The link is

Annual recumbent meeteting, this time in Nivnice, is over. Some photos you can find at and I'm adding few more:

Meeting with Erik is history now and it was a succes. Weather could have been better, but it wasn't too bad.
Erik found an accomodation in a camp in Veverská Bítýška and there was a plan for him to come on his Fujin to Brno, where we could meet him. Unfortunately there was a heavy rain whole night and in the morning, so we decided to take him and his bike to Brno by car. After arrival to Mendlovo náměstí we tried Erik's Fujin. He wanted to know what we think about it. It's an excelent bike, of course. Eight people were there including Erik. I went home and returned with our trike, so despite bad weathere there were five machines, Erik§s Fujin and four homubuilds. Everyone wanted try everything. After that we made a final pohotos and went to restaurant for a lunch, after large locking action on all bikes outside.

After the lunch we found out that in spite of the weather forecast it had stopped raining. Erik wanted to get back on his own power, so we accompanied him. There was a risk of another heavy rain starting any time, so dad waited at Rakovec with a car as a backup. But first he surprised us with a camera on footbridge in Komín:

Still no rain and roads drying more and more, so we continued to Rakovec, where the last foto was taken:

Honza and Eva then went with Erik to Bítýška, Ruda and me went back to Brno.
And the best new last: Erik is going to ask some his recumbent friends from Sweden to come with him next year. Maybe it would be good idea to combine this with the anual czech recumbent meeting in september, wherever it'll be.

My dad's taken those photos on the start of K24 (24 hour amatheur marathon) and at the begining of the second lap. The trike provoked much of positive response. Lukáš has made more than four laps on it (approximately 120km), than switched to his upright and went five more laps. At 7 o'clock he went to sleep, woke up at midday and went learning for today's exams. I went to sleep at six, slept to nine and then continued riding. I made it to 11 laps - 312,4km, same number as last year.

I've finally some pictures of my new bike. So here it is:

The OSS steering for now, I wanted to try it. Now I know, that it realy is less comfortable, gives more manoeuvrebility in tight places and pulling the bike out of our flat (58cm door, 63cm USS handlebar). But there there is also expected bad feeling. During that accident I had USS on my old bike becaouse of what I didn't hit anything when flying from the seat forward to the car. The only exception was lower left end of aluminium holder of the windshield which caused minor injury to my left leg. So although the OSS bar easily folds forward, I'm still little bit nerveous...
I'll switch to USS later, at least for K24 (24 hours marathon for amatheurs near Brno) and for summer travelling. If I'll race that time trial in Modřice again (just as a joke, no chanse for not beeng last) it'll be probably with OSS, it's faster.
My new bike was bought from Azub with a big discount because this particular machine served for displey purposes and as a bike you can try before you decide if you want one. But it's burgundy. Yellow is not part of Azub's palette. But at least we're perfectly matching each other with my father:

Both bikes have winter tires. They aren't as fast as Schwalbe Marathon, but they don't slide side to side on wet surface and they allow better braking. I've tried 4km of snow and 10km of mud and i holds beautifully.
Especially Azub Max looks great with beefy tires:

And look what a climb you can do with it:-)

So it all turned out fine. I've two years newer bike with Alivio instead of Altus and no permanent consequences to my physical health. But I'd never do it voluntarily. Even two months later I'm afraid of going my usual (or any other) route to school through Brno. I've no idea how long it'll take to overcome that fear.

As many have noticed already, yesterday (Friday) I had small accident. On Wednesday, after taking photos to estimate my pedalbox for partial fairing, the last photo of my yellow tank was taken:

And on friday at approximately 2 p.m. it looked like that:

The unlucky driver, who was the culprit of the accident, was masked out of those pictures. He was extremely considerate and was warried about my helth, when the ambulance was taking me to hospital. When I arrived back two and half hours later, he was the most happy man in the world, although he had to pay 4 000Kč penalty and there was dammage on his car (30 000Kč approx.). This behaviour isn't common among czech drivers especially when it comes to cyklists. His car is on the next photo.

So how it happened? I was on my way from school to home on street Chodská, which is main street in that "S"- shaped crossing. I kept one eye on a car that was sticked ona my tailbox last hundred metres(1) but wasn't overtaking for some reason. In front of me there was another car(2), going from my left to my right side. Its driver looked my dirrection and went through the crossing. He had plenty of time for to do it. In the street on my right side were two cars. The driver in the second car(4) was't from Brno and he was following his colleague driving the first car(3). That car entered the crossing approximatelly in the same time when the car behind me turned left. The driver of the last car was't concentrated on spoting cyklists but on navigation. I saw his head turned to me, but my image didn't make it to his mind. He started accelerating at the same time I decided that he sees me. Than he only heard big bang when I hit his left front door. I'm even not sure if I had pulled brake levers, but even if I did, it had no efect. The impact speed was about 37km/h, so ten metres per second. Here is some simple drawing of the situation:

An ambulance was approaching that crossing when the accident happend, so the crew was at me before i had a time to count my limbs. They took me to the hospital where I got three sutures to my left leg. They made at least eight x-ray pistures of every painful part of my body. They knew the impact speed so they were trying to find something broken. They had no succes with that, especially with the upper part of my body, where they started. Most czech doctors don't know what the recumbent riding position is. When I told them, they said that this is the reason of no serious conseqences of that accident.
When the ambulance was taking me away from my destroyed bycicle, I asked my father to go there and take my bike home after police men do their job with that accident. He took some images there and some later in the storage of their company, where we took the bycicle in the evening. Police men wanted him to take me from the hospital if possible, because it can save a lot of paperwork to all of us. So two and half hour later I was back at the crash site, signed some papers for police and shaked hands with that driver.
And here are some debris of my bike:

The main purpose of these pages is to share photos from our first collective recumbent trip. So you'll not find any great looking design or latest news from recumbent world here.

First and for now last meeting was May 2 2004 and my father took some pistures there. Many people want them, so I finally put them on the net.

The thumbnail is a link to bigger image (716x537, 300kB). Under it there is a link to full sized picture for those who want to investigate details or print it, but it has approx 1MB.






















If someone wants to ask me something or has some suggestions, don't hesitate and mail me: