Czech Recumbent Meeting 2007

Date: 14.-16. September 2007

Location: village Suchý, district Blansko.,%20okres%20Blansko&portWidth=806&portHeight=607&zoom=9&mapType=base&centerX=138385408&centerY=133292032#centerX=138080256@centerY=133304320@typ=base@zoom=9@vizType=none@vizIds=none

Accommodation:          Cottages colony Suchý – 4-bed cottages plus one 2-bed cottage, 46 beds

-         125CZK per person per night

-         fridge, cabinet, four beds, table, storage heater

-         WC and showers in new (reconstructed) building

                                   Camp Suchý    -     tents, caravans, possibly few beds

                                                           -     camp-type WC and showers

-         Pricelist (prices per night):

Person older than 15:


Person 6-15:


Tent, caravan






Car trailer




Big mobile home




Electric plug



Swimming: pond is clean, but for tough people only – 656 meter above sea level

Trips:   Friday 14. September 2007: longer trip (60-80km) with possible shortcuts

            Saturday 15 September 2007: trip to some of the caves of Moravian Karst

Races: Trike race - Saturday evening.

Skill ride and maybe some fast individual road race – Sunday morning


You can come 13th September evening. Please reserve your accommodation by email on, use keyword “Lehokolo 2007“ (meaning “Recumbent 2007”), all the capacity of cottages is reserved for participants of the recumbent meeting. It would be very considerate of you to allow full capacity of the cottages to be used by using all of the beds. If you don’t know anyone to form a four people group, you can still write in your reservation email that you can accept another person in the same cottage. Cottages are big and comfortable and it is only for two or three nights.

Friday trip will be rather longer and will take all day. We will try to come up with such route that those who will have enough of the hills (it’s only hills in Moravian Karst) can use some shortcuts. We will stop at some restaurant for lunch for about two hours.

Saturday trip will be shorter, it will lead to the heart of Moravian Karst and its main point will be a visit to some of the unique karstic caves. We will try to arrange a visit to Punkevni Caves ( and to visit Macocha abyss too. Depending on time left we could also go to some other caves opened to public. Some of us organizers will always be guarding the bikes outside. You should be prepared for the 8°C temperature and 100% humidity inside the caves – take appropriate clothes!

We have reserved the restaurant near cottages for both evenings, on Saturday evening they will even close for public and take us only. We will publish the menu later. There will be some recumbent related pictures and films projections.

Saturday evening we will prepare a race track for trikes on the local playground. It has gravel surface and street lamps. Azub (aka Greenspeed Europe) will lend the trikes to those who don’t have their own or don’t want to use their own but want to race too. There will be short training just before the races. Some small fee will probably be necessary for the participation in the race to cover the cost of the electricity for the lamps.

On Sunday there will be some program for those not so fast – slowest passage through 2x10 meter rectangle or similar skill testing ride. According to interest and possibilities we could organize some fast individual road race too.


Maps of the trips and how to get to Suchy and more detailed info will be added on the internet during the summer. Trip maps will be available before each trip too.


Please send your applications for the Recumbent Meeting to We would like to know how many of you will come, how many T-shirts (with meeting logo) and what sizes do you want (paying after arrival), how many of you will race in which races.

If you would like to race in the trike race and borrow a Greenspeed trike, we would like to know your X-seam and/or height to know what sizes of trikes we should have prepared.

Unlike the accommodation reservations we have some last minute flexibility. If someone decides to come just a day before the meeting or someone can’t make it to the meeting, it’s not a big problem for us. We need those numbers we are asking you just to make the organization easier and smoother.


Looking forward to see you

Brnobent team